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What are the methods of Screening & Diagnosis?

Your doctor will conduct a physical examination of your abdomen. Depending on your condition, he may recommend an ultrasound of the abdomen or a CT scan.

Ultrasound of the abdomen: This is a non-invasive procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to capture images of organs lodged in the abdomen. A particular type of gel is applied to the skin for transmitting the sound waves. A technician then rolls a small hand-held device called transducer (for sending sound waves) back and forth over the abdomen. Sound waves emitted from the transducer are reflected back and converted to pictures on a video screen.

CT scan of the abdomen: A CT scan uses a computer that gets data from several X-ray images of organs inside the abdomen and converts them into images displayed on a monitor. Thus, your doctor is able to ascertain the presence of hernia, its size and cause.